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Tue Apr 2, 2013, 3:13 AM

This project began when our neighbour asked my husband, Tom to repair her hedgehog house.
We have always had hedgehogs in our gardens, as we live in a 250-year-old English cottage with its original hedgerows in places.

Upon researching hedgehogs and how they live we learned many facts. We were actually quite surprised at what we learned.

Hedgehogs are declining and on the way to being an endangered species.

They are finding it harder and harder to find suitable nesting/ hibernation locations due to the loss of hedgerows and tidy gardens.

We can not help but care for these poor little critters, so we have decided to try to help.

Tom is a bespoke furniture craftsman that believes in being Green and Eco friendly wherever and whenever possible, as well as supporting local business and trade.
I am a qualified and experienced designer and artist, and we have come together as a husband and wife team for this project, and are now a working team in all aspects.

What we have to offer is a very well crafted and long-lasting, decorative timber-framed hedgehog house….a 'Hog Cabin'.

It will add character to any garden as well as providing a fabulous home for a unique garden friend.

It is built to last with mortise and tenon construction and hinged lid for maintenance and inspection as well as a maze entrance to deter predators.
Hedgehogs are desperately in need of protection from other furry intruders, and our hedgehog house has a maze entrance just for that reason. F.S.C cedar is used and is rot resistant.

They are manufactured, assembled and hand finished near Bristol.

The Hog Cabin we have designed provides the perfect environment for hibernation or nesting, even feeding.

Another common problem can be access to your garden so be sure that there are ways for your prickly friends to get in and out. We can design and build you hedgehog doors for fences for this purpose.

Children would love to watch hedgehogs and hoglets scurrying around the garden at night.

There are a few basic need to knows about having hedgehogs such as avoid using sawdust and use dry leaves or straw/hay but we will include a care leafelet with our home so everyone can live happily ever after : )

We will be donating a Hog Cabin to Oasis Academy New Oak School in Bristol in hopes to promote awareness and appreciation of the almost forgotten hedgehog and hoglets. They have a wildlife area there so it will be perfect.

With a nick nack paddy whack give a hog a home…
Just give a hog a home!

Faery kisses and warm wishes .oOo.…

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madshutterbug Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Professional Photographer
We lived with a hedgehog once. Not out in our garden; don't think he'd of liked our overall climate out there. Didn't evolve in this part of the world, eh. However, we provided him his own small micro climate inside the house here.
Bubblefaery Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
Sounds awesome. Thank you for reading :kiss:
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April 2, 2013


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